County Auditor: Danielle Fink

Contact the County Auditor

The County Auditor has several important duties:

Financial duties of the County Auditor include preparing the County’s fiscal budget using materials submitted by each of the County departments and other agencies. The Auditor also issues payments for all services, materials, and payroll charged to the County. The Auditor maintains a ledger for each department in the County throughout the fiscal year which runs from July 1st through June 30th. The Auditor also keeps and maintains permanent financial records for the County, publishing many of the financial reports for public use.

IA Code 47.2 designates the County Auditor as the County Commissioner of Elections. As Commissioner of Elections, the Auditor conducts voter registration and all elections within the county. The Auditor’s office is the appropriate point of contact for all elections information.

The County Auditor’s Office is located at 200 North 5th, Guthrie Center, Iowa. The office can be reached via phone (641) 747-3619 and via fax (641) 747-3027.