In 1983, the Iowa State Legislature approved the Court Reorganization Act, transferring the expense of operating the court system to the State of Iowa. The Clerk of Court processes civil, criminal and juvenile cases and probate matters and is the contact for matters involving child custody, domestic violence, juvenile case and more.

General Duties:
Custodian of court documents for Guthrie County
Process payments of child support/alimony
Criminal fees
Court Fees

The Clerk of Court Processes:
Traffic Citations
Criminal charges including City and County Municipal Infractions
Small claims/Forcible Entry Actions
Domestic Relations
Civil Law/Equity/Adoptions
Probate including Conservatorships, Guardianships and Trusts
Juvenile Proceedings
Mental/Substance Abuse Court Committals

The Clerk of Court Office is responsible for jury panels, which are chosen every three months and are drawn from voting and driver’s license records.