Moving Permits

Annual Permit w/weight

Annual Permit

Round Trip

Single Trip

Oversized Multi-trip Permit

No Spray Request Form

You may request that the Guthrie County Road Department not apply any herbicides to the right-of-way adjacent to designated property.

No Spray Request Form

Entrance Permit

The Guthrie County Board of Supervisors recognizes that it has an obligation to provide its citizens with access to the County Road System. The Board also recognizes that the installation of entrances are of principal interest or convenience to only the immediate Private Property Owner, and once installed becomes the responsibility of Guthrie County to maintain.

Guthrie County Entrance Policy & Application

Utilities Permit

Utility companies, corporations, individuals wanting to install utilities or tile lines in the county right of way need to obtain a permit for use of county right of way. An application needs to be completed to obtain a permit. It explains where the work will take place and what the work will include. The County Engineer looks over the area and determines if the application is permissible or not.

Utility Permit Application