County Assessor: Nikki Carrick

Welcome to the website for the Guthrie County Assessor’s Office. It is our goal to provide information to the public about the duties of the assessor and various services offered by this office. We hope that you find our website to be beneficial and informative. Use the categories on the left to easily search the assessor portion of the Guthrie County web site. Thank you for visiting the site and have a great day.

Core Functions:

  • Our primary duty is to make sure all real property within our jurisdiction is assessed except where the law provides otherwise. The effective date is January 1 of each year. This includes Residential, Multi-residential, Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial classed properties
  • Assess property for tax purposes. We are concerned with value, not taxes.
  • Administer most property tax credits and exemptions.

We also maintain a BEACON GIS inventory for the county. Beacon is not just an Assessor website – it is a tool that combines information from multiple county offices: Auditor – transfer of real estate &  current deed holder information; Recorder – Book & page of recorded documents that pertain to real estate transfers; Assessor – valuation, classification & sales information – Declaration of Value and pertinent sales info; Treasurer – taxation amounts due and payable each year; and finally GIS – Graphic Information System – keeps the Auditors maps updated through this website. It also will show County Planning & Zoning approved permits. The Assessor’s office maintains the Beacon website & GIS mapping changes through the counties vendor, Schneider Corp.

Assessors Conference Board:

The Conference Board serves as the governing board for the office of the Assessor. The county conference board consists of the mayors of all incorporated cities whose property is assessed by the county assessor, one representative from the board of directors of each high school district who is a resident of the county, and members of the county board of supervisors. Conference board guidelines can be found here.

Conference Board budget meeting agenda can be found here.


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