I disagree with my assessed value.

Property owners who disagree with the assessor’s estimate of the market value of their property should ask themselves, “Could I sell this property for that amount today?” If the answer is yes, then the value is probably correct. However, every property owner has the right to appeal an assessment.

In 2015, the Iowa legislation introduced the Informal review, an additional protest time period that a property owner or aggrieved taxpayer may request a property review from the assessor. The informal protest dates are: On or after April 2, to and including April 25, of the year of the assessment. The informal protest form must be received by the assessor during those dates. However, petitions filed late in the period may possibly be denied due to insufficient time to review the informal request.  Taxpayers will be suggested to file to the Board of Review as a formal petition.

Following this informal review, the assessor may enter into a signed written agreement with the property owner/agent authorizing the assessor to correct or modify the assessment according to the agreement of the two parties or the assessor may recommend the property owner file a formal protest with the local board or review.

  1. The property owner/agent may make either of two types of requests:
    a. An inquiry about the specifics and accuracy of the assessment; or
    b. A request for an informal review under one or more of the grounds for protest
    authorized under section 441.37 for the assessment year.
  2. If the request is only an inquiry about specifics and accuracy, the Assessor will provide the property owner/agent
    with copies of the property record card and any other documents requested by the person relating to the
  3. If the request is for an informal review under one or more of the grounds for protest
    authorized under section 441.37 for the assessment year, then the Assessor will not consider the request
    until the requesting person has completed the written application for informal review on the
    Assessor-approved form  .  This can be mailed or emailed to the Guthrie County Assessor for the Informal Review of
    2024 Assessment pursuant to Iowa Code section 441.30(1). You can submit the form at the link on the left side of this webpage, click on contact the assessor.
  4. The Assessor shall respond to all timely filed Applications not later than 4:30 p.m. on April 25,
    2024. The Assessor’s response shall be in writing sent to the Applicant’s mailing address or email address, if provided
    for correspondence set forth in the Application.
  5. If agreement is reached regarding a new assessment, a written agreement by the Guthrie
    County Assessor and Property owner/ agent shall be executed by the Applicant not later than 4:30 p.m. on
    April 25,2024 . Upon full execution of the Agreement, the Assessor shall take all
    appropriate action to correct the tax roll of Guthrie County to properly show the correct assessment amount
    designated in the Agreement.
  6. If you still do not agree with the 2024 assessed value of your property, the property owner or agent can file an appeal to the Guthrie County Board of Review between April 2 and April 30th, in order to preserve the right to appeal the original valuation or classification of their property.