I disagree with my assessed value.

Property owners who disagree with the assessor’s estimate of the market value of their property should ask themselves, “Could I sell this property for that amount today?” If the answer is yes, then the value is probably correct. However, every property owner has the right to appeal an assessment.

In 2015, the Iowa legislation introduced the Informal review, an additional protest time period that a property owner or aggrieved taxpayer may request a property review from the assessor. The informal protest dates are: On or after April 2, to and including April 25, of the year of the assessment. The informal protest form must be received by the assessor during those dates.

Following this review, the assessor may enter into a signed written agreement with the property owner authorizing the assessor to correct or modify the assessment according to the agreement of the two parties or the assessor may recommend the property owner file a protest with the local board or review.


If you would like to file an informal protest with the assessor, please fill this document out and email it to the assessor or drop it in the mail to:

200 N 5TH ST, STE 5

There is also a drop box outside the Courthouse, east entrance.

The assessor will evaluate the informal review request. Additional information may be requested via phone, email or on-site property inspection. The assessor will communicate any changes in valuation and if an agreement is made, the agreement must be signed by 4:30 pm April 25th.

If you still do not agree with this opinion of market value of your property, you can still protest to the Guthrie County Board of Review from April 2 to April 30. That form is located on our website or the Iowa Department of Revenue’s website. This is a separate board of five (5) members that will meet in May and set up a schedule to visit all protested properties in the county.