South Central Iowa Regional E911

As mentioned on the website introductory page, Guthrie County is a member of this Regional entity. When counties were just beginning to develop E911 systems, there was concern that little counties with small numbers of people couldn’t afford to develop a 911 system. It was hoped that if counties worked together, hiring one consultant, and […]

Road Names

Most counties develop a pattern when the county roads are named. We did the same when the naming was done in Guthrie County. The intent is to use short, easy to spell names. This is for several reasons beyond making it easy for people to remember and to write. Short names also mean short sign […]

Required Address Markers

Anyone living in the rural areas of Guthrie County, or anyone with a business or other actively used site, is required by County Ordinance to have an address marker that is uniform and provided by the County 911 system. This is pretty much a standard requirement if you drive around the State. Guthrie County has […]

How address numbers are assigned

When the E911 system was begun in the early 1990s, all rural sites received an address. Everyone within City limits already had addresses but rural residents had RFD Box numbers that provided no description of where the site was. The purpose of E911 addresses is to provide the residence with a number that helps locate […]

County Maps

From the beginning of the E911 system one of the goals was to have an excellent map system. The County has partnered with a company, Hansen’s M & M Services, in Audubon that developed the original maps (under a former owner) and has maintained the maps since then. Also, this company is the mapping company […]

E911 Resources

E911 Maps   How address numbers are assigned – Anyone needing an address in the rural areas should contact the Environmental Health office at 641-747-3972.   Required Address Markers   Road Names   South Central Iowa Regional E911   Guthrie County Ordinance Number 9 – Uniform Rural Address System